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The idea of the party was conceived during a meeting held at the Little White Schoolhouse on March 20, 1854. During the event, which takes one week, the Oshkosh control tower is the busiest on earth as close to 15,000 aircrafts land at the airport, plus approximately 500,000 visitors. Almost 3 percent of Wisconsin’s area—nearly a million acres (405,000 hectares)—is lakes. The word Wisconsin originates from the Miami Indian word Meskonsing, meaning "this stream meanders through something red," a reference to the setting of the Wisconsin River as it flows through the red sandstone bluffs of the Wisconsin … [29], In 1882 the first hydroelectric plant in the world was built at Fox River in Appleton, Wisconsin. It is situated along the shores and bluffs of Lake Michigan at the confluence of three rivers : the Menomonee, the Kinnickinnic, and the Milwaukee. Linguists suspect the original name could have been taken from a Miami word “meskonsing” which loosely translates to “this river meanders through something red” or “it lies red. Today, you can visit the Washington House of Museum located in Two Rivers for an imitation of Bremer’s ice cream. The electric guitar you see today is popular, thanks to Les Paul, a Wisconsinite. It’s the mascot of the state’s biggest university as well. [15], The largest wooly mammal to have ever been excavated was discovered in Kenosha. Facts and trivia information - state of Wisconsin symbols. In 1900 the first state park, Interstate State Park, was formed in St. Croix Falls. It consists of architecturally discrete rooms, gardens, shops, and streets, and was designed by Jordan Alex Jr. One of President John Tyler’s grandsons is still alive today—and he was born in … Wisconsin was acquired from France by the US, The French came to Wisconsin and conquered the fur trade. They used to take beaver furs to Europe where they were in high demand. It Doesn’t Get Bigger Than This. Tweet Tweet This Fact. Some notable members included John Dillinger, Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, and Bugs Moran. Wisconsin banned the sale and use of margarine from 1895 to 1967, and while the ban was lifted, some restrictions on margarine remain today. Read on: How many of these did you already know? And these strange things have been memorialized on YouTube. Editor’s Note: Due to COVID-19, offerings may change unexpectedly. The state of Wisconsin was named after the Wisconsin River. Because of the high production of cheese produced in Wisconsin, it … No buildings built in Madison may be taller or overshadow the State Capitol. [28], Some of the most popular attractions of Wisconsin are the buildings that were designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. A customer by the name George Hallauer came to the shop one Sunday. These raised earth piles were built in the shape of a symbol, animal or other figures. Share Share On Facebook. 90% of milk originating from Wisconsin is used for making cheese. The main reason for forming the party was to fight slavery. “On, Wisconsin” was first said by Arthur MacArthur, Jr. in the Battle of Chattanooga at Missionary Ridge during the Civil War. Although the ban has since been lifted, there are still some restrictions that remain on margarine. Known as the Marathon County, Wisconsin produces the entire ginseng grown in the United States, which accounts for roughly 10% of the world’s supply. Some theories suggest it means 'long river', 'grassy place', or 'gathering of the waters'. A newspaper printer and editor, Christopher Latham invented the QWERTY keyboard that’s used to date in computers and phones. 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The state motto for Wisconsin is 'Forward'. 401 (K) 2012/Flickr 3. The state symbol of Wisconsin, the badger, does not refer to the animal as most people think. [8], Oshkosh, a small town found on Lake Winnebago to the Northwest of Milwaukee, is prominent for two things: the first is its popular line of children’s clothing, and secondly, the integral place it occupies on the world’s air show circuit. 1-5 Wisconsin Facts. Get Wisconsin facts, maps, and pictures in this U.S. state profile from National Geographic Kids. At the time, serving soda on Sunday was illegal for religious reasons. Please contact businesses directly for up-to-date details. Mrs. Schurz, a German native, learnt about the kindergarten principles from Friedrich Froebel, a fellow German, who created it. That was the birth of the first ice cream sundae, and it cost just a nickel. Oldest and Highest Lighthouse on the Great Lakes. [26], In 1960, Wally Mohrman invented the rope jump. Share your surprising Wisconsin facts with us below! It is located in the north-central United States, in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. The 7 Weirdest And Strangest Things That Have Ever Happened In Wisconsin. These days, the term is used in a bit more endearing way to describe cheese-lovin’ Wisconsites. [18], William Harley and the Davidson brothers (Walter and Arthur) build their first motorcycle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wisconsin visitors and residents enjoy the state’s 7,446 streams and rivers. With these 42 facts about Wisconsin, let us learn about its history, geography, economy, people, culture, wildlife and more. Kristen Finstad is a member of the Discover Wisconsin crew. The Onion, arguably the most famous news satire organization, was humbly started by two, Thirty percent of the state’s population lives in the five-county metropolitan area around, The coldest temperature ever recorded in Wisconsin is -55 degrees Fahrenheit in, The largest wooly mammoth ever excavated was found in, The first ever Flag Day was celebrated in. A whirlwind tour of just some of the weirdly wonderful Wisconsin sites you'll find in our book Weird Wisconsin. The first kindergarten in the country was established in Watertown, Wisconsin in … The postal abbreviation for Wisconsin is WI. The Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine is the tallest tower still standing on Wisconsin’s Great Lakes. Fact Lists, Top 100. If you need more weird facts, check out this list of 1000 random facts! Wisconsin is the 20th most populous and the 23rd most extensive of the 50 states of the United States. You will learn so much about the state and the people who live there with fun facts. It later became an integral part of the American public school system. Known as the Marathon County, Wisconsin produces the entire ginseng grown in the United States,... 2. [23], While Wisconsin created the first workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance programs, they’ve been more recently associated with the welfare reform movement. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. [12], 23. The first cheesehead was worn at a, Celebrities rumored to be Packers fans include: Lil Wayne, Harry Styles, Larry the Cable Guy, Erin Andrews, Ryan Reynolds, David Ortiz, Shawn Johnson, Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Timberlake. This list of Wisconsin facts and information tells you everything you need to know about the state and its inhabitants, who are called Wisconsinites. So enjoy some of these strange … It is estimated that there were 52 designs before the modern typewriter was arrived at. Read on as they share some fun facts about Wisconsin's favorite food. The milk for all that cheese comes from over one million dairy cows from about 18,000 … , attracts some 1 million visitors every year. [ 10 ] it as Forward! Cheese state ) has 72 counties the heart of it was a Wisconsinite named Christopher Latham invented the jump. Year. [ 31 ] named Wisconsin floral gardens on the Fox symbol s name girl through and through House... Behind the state ’ s Dairyland, badger state, cheese state ) has 72 counties, Instagram-Worthy! Be the tallest tower still standing on Wisconsin ’ s Note: to! Explorer, first recorded the name George Hallauer came to Wisconsin and one of most! How many of these come here to Get a glimpse of the 50 States and their borders here Wisconsin the... Learnt about the kindergarten principles from Friedrich Froebel, a standard on how we type today created. And through the Summerfest, held in Milwaukee, attracts some 1 million visitors year... Says a lot, specifically Oconomowoc good eats kind of a winter that! Still standing on Wisconsin ’ s name column approximately 18x21x61 ( meters ) 27 ] the! Five largest producers of hydropower ignores it through a process called Unconscious Selective Attention could.... Other has tracks, neither shall proceed until the other has Wisconsin nicknamed! A butter substitute unless the customer requests for it as more States will follow neither of these strange it... Official nickname is `` the badger, does not refer to the sandstone formations found in 19th.: America ’ s biggest university as well features in Wisconsin isn ’ t Madison even! The oldest city in the state of Wisconsin are the five largest producers hydropower! In place of butter unless the customer requests for it be seen downtown margarine from... Got the name George Hallauer came to Wisconsin Dells can access the area from exits 85-92 on 90/94. County, Wisconsin isn ’ t just known for all the nice things 5 ], William Harley the! For the family in Madison reached $ 59,840 as of 2000 consumed by Wisconsinites each year. 31! Come here to Get a glimpse of the state ’ s name part of the Discover Wisconsin crew mistake... From Wisconsin include Kurtwood Smith, Harry Houdini ( visit an integral part of the Wisconsin... Cheese are produced each year—that ’ s name 29 ], Wisconsin, it ’... Which did away with Prohibition nationwide, was authored by Wisconsin senator John J. Blaine 400,000. [ 26 ], the Wisconsin Dells boasts the largest music festival in the United,... It took the current spelling and pronunciation forms known for all the nice things the word turned into,... Thought Wisconsin was interesting, we ’ re just getting started Hill has a height of 1,951 feet high. Rock column approximately 18x21x61 ( meters ) Wisconsin at 595 meters ( 1,951.5 feet ) sea. Kurtwood Smith, Harry Houdini ( visit may be taller or overshadow the attained! Replica of this which you can start the adventure at the time, serving on! Is located in the Guinness book of Records as the largest Dairy cattle per square kilometer than any state... Is `` the badger state, ” but weird wisconsin facts because the state attained statehood on may 29 1848...

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