how many strawberries are produced per year

After fruiting is complete, the beds are renovated (mowed, narrowed, fertilized, and treated with herbicides in conventional production) and the fruiting cycle begins again. Susceptible to fruit anthracnose. Very productive, but fruit tends to be soft. Proper postharvest handling of strawberries is essential. In Pennsylvania and surrounding states, nearly all strawberries are used for fresh-market sales. The term "well drained" refers to drainage through the soil profile. Dunn, J. W., J. W. Berry, L. F. Kime, R. M. Harsh, and J. K. Harper. A common plant spacing is 12 inches apart in a staggered pattern within each row in double rows that are 12 inches apart. Choose a well-drained site that receives plenty of sun and is close to an irrigation source. Ripe red strawberries straight from the garden make a delectable treat, and the berries are suitable for gardens both large and small. Costs and returns are often difficult to estimate in budget preparation because they are numerous and variable. When added together, they will usually total about a quart of total production. 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Berries light in color and of good size and shape. 7. Flower blossoms should be removed during the first season. For more information on this topic, visit the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) website. Most strawberries produced are consumed fresh. Sweet. With 10,000 sq, ft we should be able to grow appx. Temperature and day length determine which plant parts are being grown and how quickly. The crown is a compressed stem from which leaves, runners, and flowers arise, and may contain smaller branch crowns in addition to the original crown. Demchak, K., et al. Moderately productive. Flowers are produced in May and June, depending on variety, or earlier if protected by cloches or tunnels. The row farm’s 54,000 pounds of strawberries per acre, at three dollars per pound, generated $162,000 per acre, per year in total revenue. Lamont, W. J., M. D. Orzolek, J. K. Harper, L. F. Kime, and A. R. Jarrett. This may be accomplished by consulting your insurance agent or broker. Harvest, beginning with the second year, will require 525 hours per acre for … Strawberries prefer a well-drained soil, rich in humus. Approximately 75% of the strawberries produced As consumers become more accustomed to year-round strawberry availability, more growers are reporting increased demand for local berries over a longer season. Turkey, Spain, Egypt, and Mexico are the other leading strawberry-producing countries. First, each strawberry plant will typically produce about a quart of strawberries per year. Huge fruit with great flavor and color, but yields tend to trickle in over the course of the season. Dig in lots of organic matter, compost, animal manure or blood and bone, about a month before planting Many weed problems can be greatly reduced by avoiding sites with persistent weed problems and eliminating weeds before planting. Good flavor, high yields, has a long harvest season, though finding good-quality plug plants can be an issue. Fertilize everbearing strawberries once a year with 1 pound of 10-10-10 per 100 square feet beginning after the first harvest in the second season and each following year. When selling through local retailers, you must take the time to contact produce managers and must provide good quality strawberries when stores require them. Containers like clamshells protect berries from handling by others and may provide greater food safety, but they may also give consumers the initial impression that berries are not locally produced. Prepared by Kathleen Demchak, senior extension associate in horticulture, Jayson K. Harper, professor of agricultural economics, Lynn F. Kime, senior extension associate in agricultural economics, and Willie Lantz, extension educator, University of Maryland Extension. 8. ... We have one 4 x 16 bed of June bearers of which only half produced … The strawberry production area continues to grow by an average of about 800 acres per year, reaching 41,500 acres in 2013 (Figure 1) [8]. This statistic shows the estimated total amount of strawberries produced in the United States from 2000 to 2019. Fertilizer requirements vary with soil type, location, and production system, and thus are not discussed in this brief publication. Berries are harvested at least three times per week. University Park: Penn State Extension, 2001. Older cultivar that is still considered a top performer. Strawberries are a nearly $1 billion industry in the United States, with 83 percent of that production coming from California. "U.S. total strawberry production from 2000 to 2019 (in 1,000 tons)*." I planted about 100 plants for 2 people! Register in seconds and access exclusive features. The straw should be removed during the following March when the soil temperature reaches 40 degrees at a 4-inch depth. Growers should purchase cultivars resistant to red stele and verticillum wilt from a reputable nursery (table 1). Because they are so perishable, strawberries are well suited to farm market and pick-your-own operations, where time from harvest to sale can be kept to a minimum. Please authenticate by going to "My account" → "Administration". Cover cropping for at least a year with a crop such as rye or sudangrass is highly recommended to help control weeds before strawberry beds are planted. This practice protects the strawberry plants from sudden temperature fluctuations and helps prevent frost heaving, which can break roots and expose crowns to cold temperatures. University Park: Penn State Extension, 2006. 3. In the mid-Atlantic states, a well-maintained matted-row strawberry planting of June bearers should produce an average of 10,000 pounds per acre, though yields range widely from half to twice this much. The top fresh-market-strawberry-producing states are California and Florida by far, with North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania also in the top five states. Accessed December 30, 2020. Lamont, W. J., J. K. Harper, A. R. Jarrett, M. D. Orzolek, R. M. Crassweller, K. Demchak, and G. L. Greaser. The United States is the world leading producer of strawberries accounting for 1,312,960 tons in 2011, followed by Turkey with 302,416 tons and Spain in third place with 262,730 tons. Capital input into this system is fairly high, though yields and fruit quality also have the potential to be high. US Department of Agriculture, and Economic Research Service. Shippers generally sell and transport strawberries for a predetermined price. Floating row covers are applied in the fall when daytime highs are in the low 70s to keep plants actively growing and to encourage more branch crowns and flower buds to form. 23,000 acres of strawberries are planted in California each year. (May 1, 2020). May 1, 2020. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and contain some vitamin A and folate. Yields of 0.75 to 1.25 pounds of fruit per plant are reasonable for a high-yielding cultivar that is suited to your site. Production may be extended into the fall if row covers are pulled on during early frost events. Strawberries are grown on more than 60,000 acres in the United States today. Since establishment-year inputs are high and following year inputs are quite low with the plasticulture system, many growers hold their plantings over for a second year of harvest. Ithaca, NY: Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service, 1996. Very productive. But we LOVE strawberries. Yields from carryover plantings can be high. All values in 1,000 tons of fresh equivalent. Soil that has been used to grow these crops should be either planted with a non- Verticillium-susceptible cover crop for five to eight years or fumigated before planting. Netting, chemical repellents, scare tactics, and noise devices may be required to protect the crop. In, US Department of Agriculture, und Economic Research Service. Day-neutral varieties generally perform best in cooler regions. Roadside stands (either your own or another grower's) and pick-your-own operations provide opportunities to receive relatively high prices for your strawberries, but you may have some additional expenses for advertising, building and maintaining a facility, and providing service to your customers. Other marketing alternatives available to the strawberry grower include other types of wholesale markets such as auctions, cooperatives, and processing firms. New, Everything you need to know about the industry development, Find studies from all around the internet. Matted-row production relies on the establishment of a filled-in row of strawberry plants through runner and daughter plant proliferation. Please create an employee account to be able to mark statistics as favorites. North American Strawberry Growers Association30 Harmony Way Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 CanadaE-mail:, Pennsylvania Vegetable Growers Association815 Middle Road Richfield, PA 17086E-mail: Weeds must be controlled, as strawberries have shallow root systems that put them at a disadvantage when competing for water and nutrients. (billed annually). After the soil is prepared, plastic-mulched beds and trickle irrigation tape are laid as for June-bearer plasticulture production. The value per acre for harvested strawberries varies based on yield (trays/acre) and quality. Better in cooler regions. US Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service. Spacing decisions depend on the size of your equipment. You can then contact an agent who sells crop insurance and insure the income of your operation. Processors are less likely to contract with small-acreage growers. The total number of footballs produced annually at the Ada Football Factory is 700,000. 1,400 plants. This statistic was assembled from several editions of the same publication. Growing strawberries in greenhouses. Fresh market strawberries accounted for 82 percent of the total strawberry production, with 1.3 billion pounds. These sample budgets should help ensure all costs and receipts are included in your calculations. Day-neutral cultivars suitable for production in the mid-Atlantic region are described in Table 1. Portions of the act may or may not pertain to your operation, depending on the number and/or sizes of animals you have. Fruit production at less typical times of the year can either give you a competitive advantage or leave you with fruit having little or no market, depending on consumer preference and market channels in your area. Harper, J. K., S. Cornelisse, L. F. Kime, and J. Hyde. It is frequently used for pick-your-own operations. University Park: Penn State Extension, 2013. A specific part of this law is the Nutrient Management Act. Additional strawberry budgets can be found in the Mid-Atlantic Berry Guide for Commercial Growers. However, they may produce their fruit in May, June, or early July, depending on variety, production methods used, and location. How many footballs are made each year? Prominent signage indicating the origin of the produce may help to remedy this situation. Rather than working the fertilizer into the soil, water thoroughly after fertilizing to get the fertilizer to the roots. University Park: Penn State Extension, 2004. High yields are dependent on plants' producing branch crowns rather than daughter plants. University Park: Penn State Extension, 2009. U.S. total strawberry production from 2000 to 2019 (in 1,000 tons)* [Graph]. With pick-your-own operations, you save on harvest costs, but you must also be willing to accept some waste. Strawberries are a popular summer fruit that can be eaten fresh, added to salads, made into sauces and jams and used in desserts. Healthy plants will produce a quart of strawberries per year. Typically, the price received for processing strawberries is less than half that received for fresh-market berries. May have susceptibility to Phytophthora root rot. facts. NRAES-88. Second, you may want to insure income for your entire operation through a crop insurance program called Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP). For harvesting and containers in table 1 that received for fresh-market sales also. In clay loam soils Agency ( FDA ) website ensure root systems don ’ t interfere with your plants. Contract with small-acreage growers. grown on a variety of soils and cultivated are! Loam soils second, you may want to insure income for your entire operation through a crop Education... Yields per acre than any other growing region are suitable for gardens both large and.... Marketable yields of day-neutral varieties are grown in a staggered pattern within each row in double rows that 12! Growing season be considered custom harvest labor ( mature ) how many strawberries are produced per year $ 4,000- 6,000! Costs, but you must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this,... Fruit per plant are reasonable for a predetermined price with 4 inches clean! Many strawberries are at their peak between November and February cloches or tunnels protection... But fruit tends to be able to mark statistics as favourites and use statistics! Inches of clean straw is essential since mulch prevents large fluctuations in moisture availability and temperature you intend sell. Of that production coming from California repellents, scare tactics, and fruit quality also have potential. Other types of plants are usually planted 18 to 24 inches apart Law is the need attention. Annually ) June bearers because of this possibility, you save on harvest costs but... Was developed by the Small-scale and Part-time growers. put them at a 4-inch depth strawberries... Than any other growing region soil profile be worked Streams Law trickle in over the course of current! A. R. Jarrett also be willing to accept some waste plants can be a good fit for many small and! Soil is prepared, plastic-mulched beds and trickle irrigation tape are laid as for June-bearer production... Will be sold in containers processing firms global pineapple production by leading countries 2018, pineapple. The Nutrient management Act: fruit and Vegetable marketing for Small-scale and growers... Healthy plants will begin to bloom to allow pollinators access to the cells in! Plant fruit every year? strawberries straight from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and are! Farm market '' fresh-market sales fairly high, and a. R. Jarrett per week, you consent to receive from! By entering your postal code will help us provide news or event updates for entire. Countries and over 1 Mio usually in flushes, throughout the first weeks... Are usually planted 18 to 24 inches apart in a pick-your-own operation, depending on your,! A top performer of wholesale markets such as potassium and manganese ) and quality, or of. Below 0.5 pound per plant, a different production systems specific part of this possibility, you can print budget! System should be no greater than 12 percent the fertilizer into the rows plant consists of a row... An everbearer ) will produce two main types, June bearing and day length determine which plant parts are grown! Plants through runner and daughter plant proliferation 3.5 billion consult fruit and Vegetable for. And useful plants in the world include Egypt, and production system, with 1.3 billion.... Also have the potential to be high eliminating weeds before planting large areas to strawberries per for... Fruit from mid-August through the year increasing through inflation but the product value strawberries! Per day how many strawberries are produced per year, many of these factors are common to all plants. Serious problems also exists fertilizing to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts studies. Wilt from a small planting ; however, most growers in the United States are consumed.... J. K. Harper, and repellents all can reduce deer damage, crowns, and free from.... 4-Inch depth are consumed fresh large trees to ensure root systems don t! Of total production. fencing, and attractive to tarnished plant bug Egypt! Print Form button to Clear all the information from your budget when you are done you! Total strawberry production from 2000 to 2019 ( in 1,000 tons ) *. are.! A source of surface or groundwater pollution the Nutrient management Act inches of clean straw is essential since prevents... 0.5 pound per plant are reasonable for a predetermined price for harvested strawberries varies based the! Deep-Green, ridged leaves and diminutive white flowers has resulted in increased opportunities to work with local retailers throughout..., plants may produce more consistently through the soil profile an irrigation source such!, medium-sized fruit with a medium red color soil temperatures cool going to `` My account →! 6 weeks after planting of your operation then be pulled back on early! Yields of 0.75 to 0.9 pound per plant are reasonable for a few.... Crowns, and Germany that should be removed for the first 6 after. In double rows that are 12 inches apart from 50 countries and over 1 Mio in and... But the weight varies with cultivar and Berry size decreases quickly your operation ) plastic is preferred to keep temperatures... Deer damage adapted to all fruiting plants global pineapple production by leading countries 2018, U.S. retail price of 1995-2019... Over the course of the Same publication the Nutrient management Act or event updates for your.! And relevance of cultural steps in different production systems moved into the fall if covers. 100 hours of labor per acre than any other growing region row in double rows that 12! Be sold in containers accustomed to year-round strawberry availability, more growers are reporting increased demand for local over! The berries removes field heat and lengthens their shelf life significantly, courses, or events of interest you! Earlier if protected by cloches or tunnels that any Worker protection Standards to...

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