flyff legacy mercenary guide

In Flyff Legacy there are currently 3 available classes to choose from when starting your character: Acrobat, Mage, and Mercenary. A while ago some project called "" started, where some french dude recoded original flyff and made it possible to play in browser. Posts: 305 Received Thanks: 34 [Flyff] - Der Ultimative Mercenary Guide von Flyff … Mercenary Fastest Levelling Guide (1-60) - 01-20-2008, 05:26 PM This is my guide from the insignificant Vagrant to a powerful Blade or Knight A.S.A.P. Be sure to donate penya everyday. This is a collection of oppinions and suggestions from the entire Acro-Ranger community. + Buy potions in Flarine, a shop icon appears on the bottom right. 08/31/2012, 12:08 #1. [Flyff Legacy Summer Festival] Detailed Information up to the Preliminary Let's Begin! The Black Market: 7 /0/ 0. Vagrant>Mercenary>Blade – that is the job tree to becoming a blade. Once you get a second job, Mages Become Elementors/Psykeepers Acrobats Become Rangers/Yoyo Jesters Mercenarya Become Knights/Blades The Secondary Job quests hit when you reach level 500. [SEP 16] Sever Merge! Being basically just click and wait they make it easier to learn the game mechanics. This is the finalised Guide for bow Acrobats and Rangers. Each Flyff class will has many kinds of quests in Flyff. Why I’m making this guide: Because even with all the guides we already have, there are too many questions (all basically about the same) so this guide is filled with EVERYTHING I know and have learned about knights through about three years of playing. Prillya elite*gold: 95 . Criticism: Why is this titled Lv15-60 Merc guide, when the first 20 minutes are basically explaining the 2nd job class build options and only the last 10 minutes are focused on the lv 15-60, except for the skills which are basically irrelevant to list seperately since you get a reskill and you can easily just max only the buffs with plenty of skillpoints till 60. Flyff Penya>> News2009 >> Flyff Mercenary Job Quest Guide. Flyff Mercenary Job Quest Guide. Fly for Fun Knights Complete Guide Part 1 by regaxion. I will be posting a link to a Flyff Character Simulator at the end of my guide for your reference in stat bonuses. Fly for Fun Ranger and Bow Acrobat Guide by anuxinamoon. Join Date: Apr 2011. Please use the links to quick jump to specific points on the guide. So every class have it's unique job quests. These hack and slash characters are easy to level and don't require much money to raise. Gala liked it and supported it, and 1 … Here i collect some tips of Mercenary job quest. There are many types of Mercenaries those going for Blade on second job would go mostly Dexterity. Make sure you use your bound penya and not the coveted "unbound" penya.+ The two statues in Flarine give a small exp and honor boost. [Flyff Legacy Summer Festival] Arena Finals Result [Flyff Legacy Summer Festival] Quick Server Maintenance [Flyff Legacy Summer Festival] Finalists from all regions! As Mercenary in Flyff, you should learn them beforehand. Discussion on [Flyff] - Der Ultimative Mercenary Guide von Flyff Wikia within the Flyff forum part of the MMORPGs category. The Mercenary class is normally the first choice of newer players. Remember, I will just be posting the builds that I have tried in playing Flyff and also discuss a few PROs and CONs for it. [SEP 17] Boss Buster Event and more!

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